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Bridge - Ocean Sciences Resources
Easy to use links and easy to follow lesson plans, including educational games for all levels of learning.

Sea Turtle

interactive educational web site which focuses on whales and marine research.

The LaSalle Shipwreck
Companion site to the NOVA's "Voyage of Doom," chronicling the discovery and excavation of La Salle's ship, La Belle, which sank off the coast of Texas in 1686.

Whale Watch
An online effort that brings together many recources from across the globe - in the name of whale survival!

Ocean Realms from PBS
Great resources on ocean critters and teacher activities to go along with the PBS show "Secrets of the Ocean Realm".

Earth Island Institute
in-depth information and resources from the award-winning Earth Island Journal.

Sharks and Rays from PBS
PBS's SECRET WORLD OF SHARKS AND RAYS reveals that the ocean's 350 species of sharks have many eating habits and come in all shapes and sizes

Sea-Ice A virtual tour
Explore the fantastic realm and diversity of an apparently lifeless "ice desert".

Companion Web site to the NOVA's "Kingdom of the Seahorse," - explore the secret lives of these extraordinary fish.

HEART (Help Endangered Animals-Ridley Turtles)
Save the Kemp's ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempi) from extinction by educating the public and supporting conservation laws that protect sea turtles.

Sea Turtles
Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Daily Tide and Current Predictions
It is what it says it is.

Laura Rawlins
, science teacher at Cleary Mountain School District in Virginia, sent along, on behalf of her students, a few resources they found useful:

Oceanography from NASA-

The Seven Seas Guide-

Marine Education Resource Center, The Bridge-
(co-sponsored by Sea Grant and NMEA, TMEA's national partner)

Thank you, Cleary Mountain students, your work is appreciated!
(…and you deserve extra credit)

And, our very own Nathan Veatch will get extra credit for this one...
Identification Guide to Marine Organisms of Texas-




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