TMEA Student Grant Formdolphin

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Application for TMEA Student Educational Grant

One purpose of the TMEA Educational Grant Committee is to approve financial
support for aquatic education for students (K - 12). Contributions are available
for student scholarships to experiences such as sea camps, aquatic camps, and Sea
Grant camps.

Applicants must complete the following form and provide a copy of relevant
registration forms, receipts, or brochures. Deadline for applications will be
announced in the spring; notification will be made whether or not the committee
has approved the grant. Please print or type.

Name ____________________________________________ Date of Application ___________
Home Address ________________________________ City _______________ Zip __________
Home Phone __________________________ Parent Work Phone _________________________
Parent/Guardian _________________________________________________________________
Parent Address ______________________________ City _______________ Zip __________
School _____________________________________________ Phone ______________________
School Address ______________________________ City _______________ Zip __________
1.  Event or Institute to be attended ___________________________________________
2.  Cost of the Event ___________________________________________________________
3.  Amount requested by applicant (limited to $200 or less) _____________________
4.  Please state why you are requesting monetary assistance as it relates to your
own personal educational goals. _________________________________________________
5.  Include a letter of recommendation from a teachers and/or youth leader.
6.  Permission is granted for my child (please insert your student's name)
__________________________ to receive grant monies for the above-mentioned event.
I hereby release TMEA and the Educational Grant Committee of any and all
liabilities which may be incurred.

Signature of Parent/Guardian________________________________Date_________________ Questions and completed application to: Pam Stryker, Scholarship Committee 3112 Ammunition Dr., Austin, Texas 78748
512-762-7882 /

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